Welcome to Fiona’s Blog!

16 09 2009




Our Purpose

16 09 2009

Fiona is a female Sprague Dawley rat that I am training for Dr. Macewen’s experimental analysis of behavior class at the University of Mary Washington. This blog will share our successes as well as setbacks as Fiona and I embark on the journey of transforming her from a timid and unskilled little girl to a confident and well-trained young lady. Some of the processes that Fiona and  I will be undertaking this semester are: clicker training, learning a trick, and engaging in ethical experimentation.

About Fiona

16 09 2009

As I have discovered, the rats in our lab did not come equipped with identical behavioral repertiores. From the first time I met Fiona I realized that I  had a timid and skittish rat on my hands.  Despite her anxious behavior, she is very energetic! Fiona demostrates inquisitive behavior. She loves to explore new (and old) environments.  Fiona is also very sweet ( of course) and contented to spend time on my lap.